A Conqueror

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                                    A Conqueror is not born.
                                    A Conqueror is made!

      Do you want to see God’s promises,
      … fulfilled in every area of your life?
      A conqueror, living a victorious and full life.

What does – being a conqueror mean?

You are not a conqueror,
… because God said you’re a conqueror.
You don’t become a conqueror,
… because God overcomes your challenges,
… or because God takes care of your problems for you.
a conqueror is someone who himself takes the initiative!

      You become a conqueror because you step out,
      … because you stand against those adverse circumstances,
      … because you are doing something to overcome those challenges.

      However, you are not doing it in your own strength,
      … but you rely on God to be your strength,
      … you rely on God to do what He promised to do,
      helping you to face the challenge, standing in His strength,
      so that He can make you to be,
      … the conqueror that you are, in Him!

      Yet in all these things we are more than
      conquerors through Him who loved us.
      Rom 8:37