Standing together …

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People easily STAND TOGETHER against things!
… they stand together against violence,
… they stand together against oppression,
… they stand together to change a government,
and mostly they are successful!

However …

People seldom, very seldom STAND TOGETHER for things!
Yes, they stood together and achieved some change.
Yes, they stood together and got a new government.

Yet, once that goal is achieved … the opposite happens!

      … they stand against each other for position,
      … they stand against each other for power,
      and now,
      … only their own agenda counts!

And what they stood together against, is lost,
because they no longer STAND TOGETHER!

How is that possible?
Why does that happen?

      Everyone knows that there is strength in standing together,
      and this is even described for us in the Bible …

      Five of you shall chase a hundred,
      and a hundred of you shall put ten thousand to flight;
      — Lev 26:8

But just standing together,
… because you want to remove something,
… because you want something to be changed,
is limited to exactly that,
… the removal of what is wrong or needs to be changed!

The Bible tells us in Proverbs,

      Where there is no vision, the people perish:
      — Prov 29:18

Merely standing against something is not a vision,
… it’s not something you want to add to,
… it’s not something new that you want to achieve,
because it’s merely something you want to get rid of!

      A vision is about what you want to achieve,
      … after the present situation is dealt with,
      for that is when change can start!

      Just getting rid of something is not change!
      Doing something new, that is change!

So, as necessary as standing together against something, is
… it is only half of what needs to happen.
Standing together therefore also includes dealing with change,
… and must be based on what you intend to achieve afterwards.

Unless there is a vision or common goal to strive for,
there will be a vacuum once the obstacle is removed,
… and where there’s no common vision, there will be strife!
And instead of victory and progress, scripture tells us …

      For where envy and self-seeking exist,
      confusion and every evil thing are there.
      — James 3:16

Never stand TOGETHER AGAINST anything,
… unless you are also standing TOGETHER FOR something!