Living the glory

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                                                   … a love story! How do you glorify God? … by bearing fruit.       By this My Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit;       John 15 8 How do you bear fruit? … by living love!       But the fruit of the Spirit is love       Galatians 5 22 How do you love? […]

The greatest…

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                              … gift of all! There is not a more comforting verse of Scripture than …       ‘For God so loved the world       that He gave His only begotten Son …’       John 3 16 Think of it … God, the eternal Creator of the universe, … so loved and continues to love His creation […]

Commit yourself

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                                                … not your needs! What do we mean when we say … ‘Lord I am Yours!’       Committing your life to God (or to Jesus)       … is not just about saying       ‘Lord I am yours, You are my Lord,       … help me, heal me, bless me, prosper me’.       That is not […]

Rest …

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                                                   … in His works! God does the works, … and in faith, by believing, … we enter the result of His works.       And it is in His rest,       … where His works are manifest,       where what God has (already) done – is!       for in Him we live and move and have […]

Projects update – Changing lives

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TOUCHING LIVES – BUILDING PEOPLE – IMPACTING COMMUNITIES Changing Lives in Trans Nzoia County, Kenya Three years ago, we were approached by the Trans Nzoia County to train up 1000 local pastors as part of their social development program. We have since trained over 700 pastors & leaders, and this past Saturday graduated another 65 […]

Ask anything

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                                                     … in My name!       And whatever you ask in My name, that I will do,       that the Father may be glorified in the Son.       If you ask anything in My name, I will do it.       John 14 13-14 We all have had the idea … that Jesus was referring to our […]

God help …

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                                                               I need… ! God wants to be our source, … and when we ask God for help, He wants to help. But what are we expecting God to do?       Sure we can ask for help for anything,       … even about something we keep doing that we should not,       … or about a […]

Go to the Source

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                                     … and follow instructions We are all visionaries … and we are all creative, but do not forget to consider the source … where it all comes from!       Having a potential to succeed,       … and accomplishing something successfully       is not the same thing.       You may think you know and are able […]

Living in

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                                                 … the blessing! God does not simply bless us … because He said that He would bless us, … or because we pray great prayers, God blesses us because we are His children. We don’t walk in God’s blessings … because of the promises in His Word. We walk in God’s blessings … because we […]

I don’t care

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                                                       … He does! Why does the Bible encourage us to …       casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you.       1 Peter 5:7 Because what you care about is what occupies you, … is what you are putting all your efforts into, … is what holds your attention and steals your […]