How important are you…

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                                                … to God! God created everything we can see,       – the visible and the invisible – in its most intricate detail and beauty, But when God created man He went even further, – He made man in His image and likeness – Why? Because God is life … and He wants us to share […]

A wilderness experience

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                                            the place of power! What is the wilderness experience all about? Jesus, when He started His ministry, … His walk with the Holy Spirit, with the Father, went through a wilderness experience… What happened there?       Why a separation from the world?       … to learn how to get close to the Father,       … […]

Ask what you believe

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                                            … not just what you need! You can ask – for what you have heard or read, … and you can ask – for what you want or what you need, BUT … what YOU will receive, … is what YOU yourself – believe!       Now we believe, not because of what you said,       […]

Everything you need… is

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                                                          … in Him!   In Christ I live and move … In Christ …       I am a new creation;       old things have passed away!       2 Cor 5 17 In Christ …       I am His Workmanship,       created in Christ Jesus for good works!       Eph. 2 10 In Christ …       […]

What can you Gain…

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                                                          … by losing?   If you were asked … what you have gained through spending much time in prayer… What would your answer be? I however think the question should be about … what I have lost because of prayer, as this I believe is much more to the point!       I have lost anger! […]

Looking for the positive…

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                                                           Nothing negative here!       Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.       Luke 11 2 What is God’s will for mankind? What does He want us to do or not to do? Why did He give us the Law?       Sure, the Law tells us what is wrong,       … tells […]

Take up the challenge

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                                     … and not the problem!   When things go wrong in life, and … there seems to be nothing we can do about them, we see ourselves as victims of circumstance, … thinking that God has probably allowed this to happen.       The result is that it becomes a pressure in our lives,       … […]

The fact may be…

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                                           but the truth is! Fact is … … you may be sick, … you may be broke, … you may be lonely, … you may need a job, or have any other need. BUT the Truth is … … you are healed, … you are redeemed, … you are loved, your every need is met. […]

The Word …

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                                             … your foundation!       Now faith is the substance of things hoped for,       the evidence of things not seen.       Heb 11 1 This implies that something is or is happening! Yet so often it seems that … faith is not working as we think it should! Why? Because something is missing.       Thus […]

Take heed …

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                                               … what you hear! Jesus, in teaching about the Word, … and the Word being sown, also said this …       Then He said to them,       ‘Take heed what you hear.       With the same measure you use,       it will be measured to you;       and to you who hear, more will be […]