Let God show you

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                                                             … His Picture!   Every thought, every plan, every action we take, … is based on a picture (not just some words) So also the circumstances we find ourselves in, … pictures that often are a challenge to deal with. Important therefore is the perception of those pictures, … and to know that any […]

God saw the need…

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                               Jesus was the Seed!   God saw the need (that mankind had). Jesus was the Seed (sent to do His will). Jesus did not come because He saw the need, … or because he saw Himself as the answer, but Jesus came because God sent Him. (John 3:16) During His ministry on earth, Jesus […]

Have Faith…

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                                    Faith is not what you believe,                                               but Who you believe!   What is faith all about? No, it’s not primarily about believing for something, … or about believing for a promise from God. Sure faith is necessary for those things, but, why did God give us faith?       But without faith it is […]

Take your place

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           To do what you are capable of            … and be who you should be,            is not up to God, but is up to you!   We all have dreams and visions that we want to achieve, … dreams and visions that God wants to help us achieve, but waiting for God to […]

The Verdict

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                                           Who is responsible?                                              What is the verdict?   There are many who believe and even say that, God is responsible for everything that’s happening on earth, … that He is responsible for not stopping wars, … that He is responsible for people getting sick, … and even for allowing sickness to teach us! […]

It’s up to you …

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      What YOU choose       is what you get! Why does a loving God not stop the suffering on earth? Is it possible that God somehow does not care? Certainly not, He does care and in fact He wants us to enjoy life (John 10:10)       I call heaven and earth as witnesses today against […]

Conformed or Transformed?

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You cannot transform something you are conformed to, you have to be transformed … to be conformed to something else! In other words, you will always have the same results, whilst your thinking remains based on the same thoughts!      In order to have different results,      … you need to change what you are thinking about! […]