A wilderness experience

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                                            the place of power! What is the wilderness experience all about? Jesus, when He started His ministry, … His walk with the Holy Spirit, with the Father, went through a wilderness experience… What happened there?       Why a separation from the world?       … to learn how to get close to the Father,       … […]

Everything you need… is

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                                                          … in Him!   In Christ I live and move … In Christ …       I am a new creation;       old things have passed away!       2 Cor 5 17 In Christ …       I am His Workmanship,       created in Christ Jesus for good works!       Eph. 2 10 In Christ …       […]

A living relationship

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                                                … with Him!       I have come that they may have life,       and that they may have it more abundantly.       John 10 10 A life changing statement, but how do I get to live this life, … and to live that abundance Jesus spoke of? In explaining to us what this life is […]

I heard God …

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                                                                   or did I? When praying for direction from God, … or simply praying in my heavenly language, and something comes to my mind, how can I be sure that it is God speaking to me?       That is actually not so difficult.       If what you hear is in line with Scripture       … then […]


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                                                 … that last! Science has discovered what God has always known.       As a basic requirement for a good relationship,       science prescribes – kindness and generosity. However, a relationship that is not only good, … but is real and lasting, needs more than kindness and generosity, … because it is what you put in […]

Draw from…

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                                                     … the source! There are many promises in God’s Word, and God wants to be the strength … and the source in our lives, but for that to happen, … is up to us, NOT God. Remember, God wants to be our source, … so if we are far from Him, His guidance, direction and […]

In a relationship …

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                                                             … with Him!       It is not our relationship with Jesus       … as our Healer,       … as our Saviour,       but it is our relationship with Jesus as our Lord       … that manifests His presence in our lives,       … that manifests His salvation in our lives,       … that dispels our […]

What matters is…

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                                                     … what you say! Jesus once asked His disciples who the people say He is, … not because He did not know, but because He wanted them to answer His next question …       He said to them, ‘But who do you say that I am?’       Mark 8 29 Jesus wanted His disciples to […]

Living in

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                                                 … the blessing! God does not simply bless us … because He said that He would bless us, … or because we pray great prayers, God blesses us because we are His children. We don’t walk in God’s blessings … because of the promises in His Word. We walk in God’s blessings … because we […]

Why does God

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                                     … do what He does? Why does God do in our lives what He does? Because He loves us!       The Lord is not slack concerning His promise, as some count slackness,       but is longsuffering toward us, not willing that any should perish       but that all should come to repentance.       2 Peter […]