Succeeding by …

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                                     … renewing your mind! As with everything in life, if you are going to succeed, … you need to have a clear goal.       And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed       by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove       what is that good and acceptable and perfect […]

You are free

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                                                        … to sin or not!   God has no problem with sin, … because He has already dealt with it through Jesus. We however have a problem with sin, … until we deal with it in our own lives.       You will never be free from sin,       … until you realise that you are […]

Change …

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                                                     the way you think!   If you change your way of thinking … you change your way of acting, that is what repenting is all about.       When you change what you are thinking and believing       … you take responsibility for your life. If you dare believe (that Jesus came so that you may […]

Responsible for

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                                                     … what yor choose!   Having a choice is a wonderful privilege and potential. However your choice involves more than just potential, … it involves responsiblity. We always face choices in life and about life, … choices that not only affect our tomorrow, but very specifically what we will be responsible for tomorrow. What do […]

Willing & Obedient

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                                        … eat the good of the land! There are many promises in the Bible … that tell us that God wants to bless us abundantly, such as for instance …       If you are willing and obedient,       You shall eat the good of the land;       Isa 1:19 However, so many people are obedient, […]