Go to the Source

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                                     … and follow instructions We are all visionaries … and we are all creative, but do not forget to consider the source … where it all comes from!       Having a potential to succeed,       … and accomplishing something successfully       is not the same thing.       You may think you know and are able […]

A Smart User …

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      Are you a Smart User, or letting an opportunity slip?         Are you a Smart User? In past generations, but even more so today, … there have been countless possibilities and limitless potential! But, to truly benefit from any kind of potential, … you need to seize every opportunity, to use and apply […]

Wars and Weapons

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      Do weapons promote wars,     … or do wars promote weapons? Saw an interesting post on wars being manufactured to sell weapons! Is that correct or are weapons actually not the issue?     Why do people make war?     Wars are not about weapons or better weapons,     … but are about mankind’s […]