Dead or Alive – in you

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  Adam (mankind), created and blessed by God, … with all of creation at his feet, Lost everything … because he did not live what he was given.     Once lost … now restored,     … in the glory of His presence,     … basking in His wonderful light. What are you going to do […]

The reward of faith

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  Grace – God’s undeserved favour. Praise God for His grace, … and there’s nothing we can do to deserve His grace!     However, does this mean that,     … we are not supposed to do any works?     … that we are not rewarded for our works?     Therefore do not cast away your […]

Speak your faith …

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  Don’t let your speaking be, … in response to the problem, but let your speaking always be, … in response to and based on your faith!     Fact is that what you believe is what you speak.     So what you believe and what you put your trust in,     … is more important […]

Follow Instructions…

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  Do you want to be victorious, and live the life Jesus spoke about? Then simply follow instructions…     And these signs will follow those who believe:     In My name they will cast out demons;     they will speak with new tongues;     they will take up serpents; and if they drink anything deadly, […]