Hear Him…

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      Why do we so often seem to see or want to see     … a difference between Jesus and the Father?     Do we really think that they are different,     … that they deal differently with different situations? Jesus is not our Advocate because of our needs, … but because of what […]

Knowing the real you.

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      God knows your problems,     … but does He know you? Jesus personally came and gave Himself for us, … we therefore can say ‘Jesus is my personal saviour’ However, have you given yourself ‘personally’ to Him?     When once the Master of the house has risen up and shut the door,     […]

Conformed or Transformed?

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You cannot transform something you are conformed to, you have to be transformed … to be conformed to something else! In other words, you will always have the same results, whilst your thinking remains based on the same thoughts!      In order to have different results,      … you need to change what you are thinking about! […]

Wars and Weapons

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      Do weapons promote wars,     … or do wars promote weapons? Saw an interesting post on wars being manufactured to sell weapons! Is that correct or are weapons actually not the issue?     Why do people make war?     Wars are not about weapons or better weapons,     … but are about mankind’s […]

The Interview …

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  God does not want to have an interview with us, … an impersonal chat about His promises, … or about our problems, needs or wants. Neither does God want to pry into our lives, … or pressurize us by telling us what He wants! NO! … a thousand times NO!, So, how does God […]