Do it because …

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        Don’t do or act on something,       … because you heard it said,       … because you heard it preached,       … because you have read it,       or because you have confessed it! There is no actual authority or power in doing that, … and there will also be no results because […]

It’s up to you …

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      What YOU choose       is what you get! Why does a loving God not stop the suffering on earth? Is it possible that God somehow does not care? Certainly not, He does care and in fact He wants us to enjoy life (John 10:10)       I call heaven and earth as witnesses today against […]

Don’t get offended

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        Don’t get offended       when your faith is challenged! There is an incident related in the Bible … that would probably have offended most of us if Jesus had said to us what He said to the woman of Canaan.       Then she came and worshiped Him, saying, “Lord, help me!”       But […]