A Smart User …

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      Are you a Smart User, or letting an opportunity slip?         Are you a Smart User? In past generations, but even more so today, … there have been countless possibilities and limitless potential! But, to truly benefit from any kind of potential, … you need to seize every opportunity, to use and apply […]

Proof of Life …

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      Do you need proof that God exists?         Do you need proof that God exists,       … that Jesus and the Holy Spirit are real? Then simply ask yourself …       Why is it that we, mankind,       … are still here on earth today?       How is it that we ourselves,       […]

A Conqueror

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                                    A Conqueror is not born.                                     A Conqueror is made!         Do you want to see God’s promises,       … fulfilled in every area of your life?       A conqueror, living a victorious and full life. What does – being a conqueror mean? You are not a conqueror, … because God said you’re […]

Seeing what God sees

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           We have to start believing God’s Word,            even if we cannot ‘see’ God’s Word manifest (yet)!   When it comes to knowing and understanding God, … our problem is that we always look at things from our perspective, … instead of seeing things the way God sees them. In fact the one verse […]