Value Life

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                                 Is someone on your mind, today?

Having others uppermost on your mind,
… is not just about birthdays, anniversaries or Christmas,
… but they should daily be on our minds.
Others should be special to us,
… not just because of what they are having,
… but because of who they are!

But how is it possible to live that kind of life?
Well there is a biblical principle that tells us how…

      ‘Honor your father and your mother,’ and,
      ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.'”
      Matt 19:19

So how is this helping us know what to do?
It is simply telling us that it all starts with how we see ourselves.

      Start by seeing yourself as special, as special to God,
      … as someone who God loves and who God wants to bless
      As you do that, seeing a value in yourself,
      … not because of what you have achieved,
      … but simply because God sees you as valuable.
      Once that becomes real to you,
      … it becomes easier and easier to see others as special,
      … as it is not in response to their actions or words
      but simply because you have decided to see them as valuable!

This is the love that passes understanding,
… which supersedes words or circumstances,
and responds to a value which you see in yourself,
enabling you to see it in others!

      This valuing of life,
      … which sees a value in life
      is what reveals and releases the ability to love, in you.