Why Tongues?

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                                        … because it’s His perfect will!

Speaking in tongues has always been a touchy subject,
… although the reason why God decided for it,
is so simple and so powerful!

So, why is speaking and particularly praying in tongues,
… a crucial part of our relationship with God?

      Of course one can say that it puts God in control,
      … that it is therefore liberating and powerful,
      because we are praying His will when we don’t know what to do.

However, that is the result of praying in tongues,
BUT why is praying in tongues important to God,
… what is it that makes it so powerful and so important!

Our minds, our senses and actions are mainly based on the physical,
… and our response to God is mainly based on His Word.
We therefore trust in what we see or in what God’s Word says!
But what does God want us to trust in?

      God wants us to trust Him completely,
      … not because of what we need,
      … not because of what we see,
      … not because of what we have found in His Word,
      but because of what He wants that we don’t know!

Words are vital, words are creative
… and the spirit realm responds to words.

So for God’s perfect will to be done, we need to speak what He says,
and the only way that it is truly His words and will,
… is when He speaks through us without us being in control,
but as vessels in His hands, so His will can be done!

      That is in fact the reality of being in God’s rest,
      … where God is exclusively in control,
      … and where His perfect will is done!

      And we know that God causes everything to work together
      for the good of those who love God …
      Rom 8:28 (NLT)