Go to God

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                                           … He can do it!

We often talk about our needs.
Yet consider this …
If in our lives we would have unlimited resources,
… then getting whatever we may need would not be a problem.
This not only applies to our natural lives but also our spiritual lives,
and the Bible says to us,

      And my God shall supply all your need
      according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.
      Philippians 4:19

Why then do we still have needs?

      The problem is that when we have a need,
      … we also have a plan of how it can be met,
      then we go to God expecting Him to supply the answer!

      However, God did not say He’s there to supply the way we see it,
      … according to our needs in glory?
      No, God will supply according to His Glory!

What does that mean?

      When you have a problem or need,
      … don’t go to God with what you need,
      … asking Him to provide YOUR need,
      … according to how you see it done or answered.
      He does not do things our way, but His way!

Go to God for Who He is,
… He is the solution, He is the supply.
Let Him into your life, because He is the answer,
… and His supply will be there, where He is (in you)!

      So are My ways higher than your ways,
      And My thoughts than your thoughts
      Isaiah 55:9