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                                           …not just information!

Knowledge … a word everyone knows and uses,
yet few seem to know the true or real meaning of ‘knowledge’?

      An archaic, but the most descriptively correct definition is
      … ‘sexual intimacy’
      In other words, meaning to … intimately KNOW (something),
      … is the closest to what knowledge is really all about.

We may know about so many things,
… but what ‘real’ knowledge do we have of those things?
Do you really know more about it than just – what it is?
Can you say that you have a close, intimate knowledge of it?

Take God as an example,
If there is anyone who really knows everything, God does.
Yet, more than once in the Bible it is recorded that God said,
      ‘I do not know you, where you are from,’ Luke 13:25

      Now since God does know everything,
      what could He have meant by saying, I don’t know you!
      Simply this, that the people God was referring to,
      … did not have an ‘intimate or close relationship with Him’.

Is it really impossible for God to know what everyone thinks?
Of course not.
But God does NOT involve Himself personally,
… with what we don’t want to share with Him!

And therefore there is NO intimate or personal knowledge.

      Consider this …
      We all have and know how to use a ‘smart phone’,
      … but do we have the KNOWLEDGE of all that it can do for us?

      Just as we all also know God and all of His promises,
      … but do we have a personal relationship with Him,
      … and that intimate knowledge of His will for our lives!