That I may…

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                                               inherit eternal life!

A rich young ruler came to Jesus asking,

      Good Teacher, what shall I do that I may inherit eternal life?
      Mark 10:17

When Jesus told him what the Law required,
… the young ruler told Him that he had kept the law since his youth,
… which however could not procure eternal life for him,
because as we know, there is nothing we can do to inherit eternal life,
and is why Jesus came to do it for us!
Yet Jesus said to him …

      Go your way, sell whatever you have …
      Mark 10:21

Was Jesus telling the young ruler that he had to go do something?
Although it may sound that way, He wasn’t!
But what Jesus was telling him was
to get rid of what represented his own efforts,
… efforts that were hindering him from inheriting eternal life!
Then Jesus continued and said to him,

      and give to the poor,
      Mark 10:21

Because it is about your heart, to love, to give,
… that allows the kingdom of God to become real to you!

      It was not about the young ruler’s money or riches,
      … it was about his heart.
      You can’t change your position
      … by what you do for yourself to obtain things.
      Your position only changes through what you do for others,
      LOVE … that is the kingdom of God!

      For God so loved the world that He gave
      John 3:16