The greatest…

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                              … gift of all!

There is not a more comforting verse of Scripture than …

      ‘For God so loved the world
      that He gave His only begotten Son …’
      John 3 16

Think of it …
God, the eternal Creator of the universe,
… so loved and continues to love His creation
that He gave, not just His very best,
… but He gave His OWN Son
to help fallen mankind to be reunited with Him.

      A greater gift than that does not exist.
      like with any gift that we may be given this Christmas,
      … it is up to us to actually receive God’s love gift to us.

It would be totally futile for Jesus to have been born in Bethlehem
as God’s love gift to mankind, (to us)
IF we do not receive Him once into our own heart!

      ‘… that whoever believes in Him should not perish
      but have everlasting life.’
      John 3 16

That is God’s will and gift to you,
… receive what is yours
and have the best Christmas ever!