Work out …

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                                     … your own salvation!

The Bible clearly tells us that Jesus is our Saviour,
yet, Paul writes to the Philippians saying …

      work out your own salvation with fear and trembling;
      Philippians 2 12

Is salvation really our responsibility?
… or are we missing something?

      What is certain is that we cannot save ourselves.
      Paul is therefore not talking about us working out our own restoration,
      … neither is he talking about us working out our own forgiveness.
      But Paul is making an extremely important statement, by asking us,
      … what are you doing with what Jesus has done for you!

So what is working out our own salvation all about?

      It is like someone having put money in the Bank for us!
      That money is ours, it belongs to us,
      … irrespective of whether we deserve the money or not
      … it’s a gift to us, it’s our money!
      And yes, it is extremely valuable,
      … and all its benefits are also ours,
      … not just to have, but for us to use!
      … before that money becomes of value to us,
      … before its benefit becomes real in our lives,
      we need to draw it from the bank,
      … and start using it,
      and working with it so that we benefit from it.

We need to live out the benefits of that free gift,
… that gift of salvation, restoration and forgiveness,
which will become a REAL benefit in our lives,
as we live that abundant life Jesus paid the price for us to have!