Individual …

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                                                          … or just different?

God did not make us all different,
but He made us all individual.

      God created us in His image,
      … which means that before Him we are all the same,
      … with equal abilities to live in the fullness of life!
      But God created us all individual,
      … each with our own freewill,
      with the ability to decide our own future.
      Individual with the right to be different.

However, it is God’s image in us,
… and His image of us,
that He wants us to live, to be!

      We have known and believed
      the love that God has for us.
      God is love,
      and he who abides in love
      abides in God, and God in him.
      1 John 4 16

God is love and it is that image of love
… that God wants us to live
in our own individual way.

      Choosing who He created us to be
      … is what will make us individual, different.
      Choosing His way, His principles,
      … is what will make His image in us manifest,
      is what will make us that individual HE created us to be.