A hedge…

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                                                   … of protection!

We read in the book of Job,
… that God put a hedge around Job.
And … God does the same for us.

      However Job allowed fear to come in,
      … to enter in behind that hedge
      and instead of countering that fear with truth,
      … by recognising the wrong in his life,
      Job tried to influence God
      … to get God to overlook what was wrong.

Instead of dealing with what was wrong
the negative was allowed to grow and increase
causing the hedge of protection to be broken down.

      How are we dealing with life,
      … with those things that are wrong in our lives?
      Are we allowing those negative things in,
      … behind the hedge of protection
      by not dealing with them, openly and immediately?

God wants to express His love for us,
… at all times,

      When the enemy comes in like a flood
      the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him.
      Isaiah 59 19

Allow Him to be that hedge of protection,
… by letting Him deal with the negative in your life!