I heard God …

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                                                                   or did I?

When praying for direction from God,
… or simply praying in my heavenly language,
and something comes to my mind,
how can I be sure that it is God speaking to me?

      That is actually not so difficult.
      If what you hear is in line with Scripture
      … then it was most probably God.
      If there is no scripture that confirms that thought,
      … then keep on praying and listening.

Having found a scripture, study it
… and listen for a next step from God.
Until you have a clear step,
… keep praying, expecting and listening for His direction.

      In all your ways acknowledge Him,
      And He shall direct your paths.
      Prov 3 6

How will I know when it is NOT God?
      When there is pressure or fear.
      God gave you a free will so He wants you to decide,
      … and will always allow you to make your own decision!
      Then when you choose to go His way,
      … there is peace and not pressure or fear.

Remember, God is a GOD of love,
… whose only desire is to bless us.

      Therefore submit to God.
      Resist the devil and he will flee from you.
      Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.
      James 4 7-8