God is not hiding

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                                                … anything from you!

More than once Jesus made this statement…

      I tell you I do not know you,
      Luke 13 27

For as much as God is open to us,
… it seems we are hiding something from Him.

      What we can read and find out about God,
      … is what God would like to do for us.
      But only what we open up to Him,
      … can or will He get involved with.

God wants so much to bless us,
… but His blessings happen on His terms,
and not according to our needs or wants,
… even though He wants to supply in that need.

      It is only as we open our lives to Him,
      … and truly make Him LORD in our lives,
      that His will shapes our lives.
      … our thoughts, our decisions and our actions,
      and where His will for our lives, His will to bless us,
      … becomes evident and real in our lives!

For it is there where all that God has planned,
… purposed and prepared for us,
… will be accessible in our lives!
Because we have opened ourselves up to Him,
… to where His fullness becomes real in our lives,
and where …

      in Him we live and move and have our being,
      Acts 17 28