The Word …

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                                             … your foundation!

      Now faith is the substance of things hoped for,
      the evidence of things not seen.
      Heb 11 1

This implies that something is or is happening!
Yet so often it seems that
… faith is not working as we think it should!
Because something is missing.
      Thus also faith by itself,
      if it does not have works, is dead.
      James 2 17

Where does faith come from?
      So then faith comes by hearing,
      and hearing by the word of God.
      Rom 10 17

Therefore the Bible also tells us that …
      Now the just shall live by faith;
      But if anyone draws back,
      My soul has no pleasure in him.
      Heb 10 38

So, what does that mean in my life?
God’s Word, and studying information from God’s Word
… is only the beginning, the foundation,
because God’s word, and in fact God Himself
… need to become real in my life!
Then, as I step out on His word, in faith,
… with God as my source,
is when faith becomes alive, real.

      That is what the Kingdom is about
      … is what faith is all about.
      The foundation to life in abundance.