What can you Gain…

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                                                          … by losing?

If you were asked
… what you have gained
through spending much time in prayer…
What would your answer be?

I however think the question should be about
what I have lost because of prayer,
as this I believe is much more to the point!

      I have lost anger!
      I have lost bitterness!
      I have lost frustration!
      I have lost my temper
      I have lost fear … and,
      I have lost the fear of death!

But why is this more important?

Simply because
… through those things that I’ve lost,
… that hindered me from receiving,
I have become free and able to gain
… all that God has promised us.
Love, Joy, Health, Peace, Prosperity and more!

      And everyone who has left houses
      or brothers or sisters or father or mother
      or wife or children or lands, for My name’s sake,
      shall receive a hundredfold,
      and inherit eternal life.

      Matt. 19 29