When you pray…

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                                                            … listen!

When you pray, listen,
… not for what you think God will say,
… not what you want Him to say,
but whatever He wants to say to you,
… hear that!
It may NOT seem to be what you expect,
… but listen and then do what He said
and if you are not sure, ASK!

      Call to Me, and I will answer you,
      and show you great and mighty things,
      which you do not know.
      Jer 33:3

God is faithful.
and as you get into the habit of listening to Him,
… the easier it will become to hear Him!

However, at all times be vigilant, as Jesus said…

      Therefore take heed how you hear.
      For whoever has, to him more will be given;
      and whoever does not have,
      even what he seems to have will be taken from him.
      Luke 8 18

So, listen…
for as you act on the little that you hear,
… God will not only say more,
but also give you more direction in your life,
because you have heard
… and acted on what He said!