Understanding God

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God is greater than my logic, beyond my intellect!

    Is it possible to truly serve a God,
    … Who is greater than my logic,
    … and Who is above my intellect?

Yes it is because I have His mind*,
and therefore He can help me understand Him,
… so that I can benefit from Who He is,
… and live in the fullness of His provision.

    God created us to be like Him**,
    … so He will help us be all that we should be.
    God did not create us to be Him,
    … so we will never know all He knows,
    … so we will never understand all that He is,
    But He will always help us, enable us,
    … to become more like Him,
    … and provide all we need to accomplish that.

The devil tries to tell us that if we do things our way,
… then we can be like God.
How can that ever work?
Think, use your logic, your intellect.

    God made us to be like Him.
    So for us to be what He made us to be,
    … we need to do things His way!

    If we do it our way,
    … the way we can think or understand,
    then we can only be like us,
    … and not what we were made to be!

Praise God that we cannot fully understand Him,
… and therefore we need to depend on Him,
so that He can give us all we need,
… so we can be like the most High God.

    See – *1Cor.2:16 – **Gen 1:26-28