Saved from sin?

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God created us in His image,
… with a free will,
a free will which we used to deny God,
… denying who and what God created us to be.
The result of that decision was sin and separation from God.

What now?
Are we stuck with sin, and under the power of sin?

    Actually we aren’t, because sin is not the problem,
    … sin is the result of a decision.
    ‘Self’ and the decision to satisfy ‘self’ by denying God as God,
    … is what needs to be dealt with,
    and will save us from the consequences of our wrong decisions.

In essence therefore, we need to be saved from ‘self’,
… from us trying to justify ourselves through our actions,
… from satan’s lie and the exaltation of ‘self’. (Gen.3:5)

We need to use our God given ability, our ‘free will’
… to repent (turn) from ‘self’ and to accept Jesus as Lord;
a decision which results in our being reborn into His Kingdom,
… into that image and place we were created to be in the first place.

    who are YOU presenting yourSELF to in obedience? (Rom.6:16)

So in answer to our question,
… do we need to be saved?
Yes, we need to be saved from our selfish ways (Rom.3:23),
… from making wrong decisions leading to sin,
… from the lust and the power of sin.
Saved from death and destruction,
… freed from sin because we have laid down SELF.

    Thereby, redeemed and restored to God,
    to that relationship and place He created us in!