Answer to prayer

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    Our special place of dominion!
    God’s special place of Lordship!

When God created man He gave man dominion on earth.
a position that man has often seen as a place of authority and rule,
however, as special as that position is,
… it is not a position of rule but a position of responsibility!

It is a position that is clearly described in God’s word to Jeremiah,

    “Thus says the Lord who made it,
    the Lord who formed it to establish it (the Lord is His name):
    Call to Me, and I will answer you,
    and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.
    Jer 33:2-3

When we call on God, He will answer us,
… however we mostly expect more than just an answer,
… we expect God to do what we need or need to have done.
Yet that is not what God said He would do.
Firstly, we need to give God our attention before He will answer.
Secondly, God said He will show us things, not do things for us!

    God gave us a position of dominion in creation,
    … and told man to take care of His creation. (Gen.1:28, Gen.2:15-19)
    God therefore gave man the responsibility of what happens on earth,
    … and of what happens in our own lives.

Of course God remains the power in our lives and situations,
… but only when we are connected to Him and walking in His will.
We therefore need not only to call on Him,
but we need to listen to Him and His instructions,
so that we will do and set in motion through our position of dominion,
… what it takes for God to get His answer to us,
… for God to manifest the answer we need,
and to complete His will in and for our lives!

    Listen and do,
    so God can get the answer to you!