Dead or Alive – in you

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Adam (mankind), created and blessed by God,
… with all of creation at his feet,
Lost everything
… because he did not live what he was given.

    Once lost … now restored,
    … in the glory of His presence,
    … basking in His wonderful light.

What are you going to do
… with what has been restored to you?

    For …
    What you don’t use, you surely will lose.

If you don’t live this life, you now have, (John 10:10)
… if you don’t make your days count,
your life will not only be lost in you,
… but that potential will also be lost to those around you.

    Jesus in His life here on earth,
    … was confident of the Father’s presence in Him,
    … because He lived the will of the Father who sent Him.

    So should you!