By your works?

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      Why you do what you do,
      … determines your position before God!

Whilst we were outside of God’s kingdom,
… we did stupid things, even bad things,
yet that did not stop God from reaching out to us!

    Now, having decided to sort our lives out,
    … how do we get right with God?
    Will our works get us right with God?
    We can do nothing in our own strength to get saved!
    … but simply receive what He has done,
    and get into a relationship with Him,
    … living our lives according to His principles!

Having become part of God’s family,
if we now do something wrong, something bad,
is that going to change our position with God?
Since our works cannot make us right with God,
… neither can our works take us away from God!

    As we are in a relationship with God,
    … living according to His principles,
    our mistakes will simply be mistakes,
    … and will certainly not phase God.

But, if we purposefully turn away from God,
… and stop living according to His principles,
we negate what He has done in our lives,
… and again become responsible for our lives.

    Why you do what you do,
    … is what determines your position before God.
    Receiving what He has done,
    … is what determines your future with Him!