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Jan D. van der Merwe’s ministry has two specific goals …

Enriching the lives of pastors and leaders,
through practical Word-based teachings and courses
empowering them to minister God’s Word more effectively.

Challenging pastors and leaders to practically live
that victorious life Jesus came to secure for us,           (John 10:10)
so as to impact and uplift the lives of the people
both in their congregations and their communities     (John 15:8)



Our vision is for you to have a personal love relationship with Jesus, in Covenant with God … getting to know Him and His plans for your life. established in His Word, allowing Him to shape your life!
Our mission at Covenant Ministries is to lay a sound foundation in your life, in
God’s Word, on which to establish a covenant relationship with Him & start
living that fruitful life God planned for you to live!    Click here to find out more


We take our covenant with God very seriously by going to every village, city and country that receives us, proclaiming the reality of God’s covenant with man and His plan for mankind through covenant.
We’re therefore committed to open God’s Word to you through practical
Bible teaching, so His Word will no longer be a mystery, but through the
ministry of the Holy Spirit, become the guide and strength in your life!
Our promise at Covenant Ministries is to stand with you in covenant, in prayer,
be there to answer questions, & help you see the vision God put in your heart.


Covenant Ministries aims to enhance the community life by revitalizing the community and its people by touching the lives of the people through their leaders through leadership and life skill training projects.
A community that’s not alive at heart, sees no value or future in its existence, and will never be able to touch the lives of those that make-up that community.

            Our mission therefore is to build communities from within through local projects, to help them become self-reliant
            and so care for their own. Life is on the inside – that is what we endeavor communities to see and strive for.


4 thoughts on “All about

  1. Thank you too so much!
    It’s always an honour to be with you and your wonderful teachings, I pray for good health and protection upon you as you continue to touch many lives.
    God bless you and your family and ministry.

  2. Hi Servant of God,
    Praise the Lord receive greetings from Homa-Bay, Kenya in Jesus name. Grace and peace be multiplied unto you from God our Father and our Lord. I am delighted that I was able to come across your web-page. I count it God’s blessings to be able to see what you are doing for the Kingdom of God It’s blessing. I believe as a pastor God has entrusted to your care the most precious thing in the entire universe his own body, the church. He does not intend you to stop where you are. He has called you, chosen you and singled you out to do a job for him that no one else can do. There has never been another like you since time began. You are unique and different from every other minister God has commissioned.
    May Heaven smiles upon you. Shalom .
    Apostle. Mathews O. Ongere.
    Hope Of Salvation Fellowship Ministries,
    P.O.Box 4928-30100, Eldoret , Kenya.

  3. Dear brethren in Christ, our hearts is spiritually touched with your encouragement reading from your website kindly please share more with us and help us with your teaching materials for they will help us in our fellowship here and win more souls to Christ Jesus we pray and request you kindly if you have Bibles to send to us that Lord will lead you to come and share the word of God with us we hope that God bless us to share more in his kingdom and pray for the orphans who I TAKE CARE OF AND worship with THEM happy to read from you in Jesus name. . PASTOR ONTIRI KENYA

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