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– to help you live in the fullness of Covenant,
– that covenant which governs all of God’s dealings with man.

Life is about choices and decisions, and we have the ability and the responsibility to make decisions, which separates us from the rest of creation. Decisions which, when made with God, lessen the awesome-ness of the responsibility.

• Build a real, personal love relationship with God! – by laying a strong foundation of God’s Word in your life!
• Build confidence in your life! – Let God’s Word develop & re-shape your character!
• Learn to hear God’s voice! – Practically apply God’s principles in your daily life!
• Become equipped to teach others the Word of God!


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Our mission at Covenant Ministries is to lay a sound foundation in your life, in
God’s Word, on which to establish a covenant relationship with Him & start
living that fruitful life God planned you to live!
Recognizing and Developing Leadership potential.


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