A Study of a UNIQUE BEING (The origin of life)

Evolution theorists propound that all living creatures have a common ancestor,
and that there is no differentiation between the species due to their common ancestry.

Although there would seem to be some validity in this theory,
but because it is based on seeking similarities,
it ignores the reality of the clear differences
that exist between mankind and the other living creatures,
and thus also the notable and substantive results of those differences.

If evolving is the real criteria, then all creatures should have
evolved, developed or changed, which has not happened.

Closer examination shows that with the exception of mankind,
all other living creatures on earth have merely responded to,
or adapted to their changing environment.

Mankind on the other hand has not only evolved and adapted to,
but has in fact impacted and changed his environment by purposefully using
and developing the available resources through his unique potential and abilities.

– What is it that makes mankind unique?
– What is the source of mankind’s special abilities?
– Where does mankind’s uniqueness come from?

Whilst this book does not presume to give all the answers,
it will challenge your concept of the origins of life, whilst
shedding light on what makes mankind different, creative, even unique,
and how this difference has and continues to impact mankind’s future!

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