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Joseph Wanyonyi, Kalaha, Trans Nzoia, Kenya

Healed, whole and restored.
For some years I kept having chest pains and constantly had to go to the doctors who
told me I had tuberculosis. In fact it became so bad that I was not only at the doctors
every month but even hospitalized once or twice.

About a year ago, I attended a meeting in Maliki where Pastor Jan was ministering.
Although the meeting had started, I continued to be distracted by my phone, going
out to answer every few minutes, until eventually pastor Jan told me to switch off my
phone, saying that God won’t call you while his word is being ministered, but that the
devil certainly will try to disturb you.
So, I switched my phone off and listened to the message on hearing and listening to God,
and that as we do what God tells us to do, He will help us. As I was listening my body got
hot and I began to sweat all over. By the time pastor Jan finished ministering, I felt totally
normal and well, and I realised that the disease had left my body.
Now, more than a year later, my body is strong and healthy and I have not been sick ever
since that day!

Thank you pastor Jan for your words, and I believe that through listening and obeying
what you said, that I was listening and obeying God … and He healed me!.



George Oduori – Kenya

Covenant Training Centre – Busia – Kenya

Nine years ago I was introduced to Pastor Jan’s ministry at a meeting in Webuye, a ministry that has impacted and turned my ministry around. He taught us ‘to go do so God can bless you’ so I did. Although everyone said I was crazy, I accepted God at His word and started to build a church in our village to seat 500 with the little bit that was in my pocket. God honored that and today the building is complete and filling up fast!

At a meeting 4 years ago, Pastor Jan taught on the potential God put in us that we must develop. Without telling me he put some money in my Bible to use for the building, when I found it a week later the truth of finding and using what God put in us fully dawned on me and I have been teaching that since.
Thank you Pastor Jan, you touched my life, changed my ministry and impacted my community!



James Maina Ngunjiri, Kitale, Kenya

Covenant Training Centre – Matisi – Kitale, Kenya

Since I started attending the Covenant Disciples Bible Training and teachings,
and receiving the Covenant blogs,
I have been greatly inspired.

It is a rebirth in Jesus Christ that has changed my life,
and my prayer is for the ministry and these teachings to reach more and more people.



Charles Wamalwa – Uganda

Covenant Training Centre – Mount Elgon – Uganda

I got introduced to the Covenant Disciples Bible Courses and studied with Covenant
Ministries in Kenya because I believed that it would equip me for ministry.

After I graduated, I decided to continue with the Advanced Course, but also to start
a Covenant Bible Training Centre in Mount Elgon in Uganda where I am as I want
other pastors and leaders to learn and be equipped as I was.

The first class has started and I want to extend in Uganda as much as possible…



Beatrice Lubanga – Endebess, Kenya

Covenant Training Centre – Mount Elgon – Uganda

When I heard of the training that Covenant Bible Courses we offering, I wanted to know more because my life still seemed empty after so many years of church.
Because I am a Grandmother everyone told me I was to old to learn, but I ignored them and studied anyway, and my life was totally turned around.

When I graduated at the beginning of this year my husband also attended although he was not a christian, but when he saw how my life had changed, he gave his life to the Lord and has been supporting me since.

Since starting to teach the Covenant Bible Courses, my life has continued to change, God is truly blessing me, and others are also seeing it. The people from the village come to me asking why I look so good and blessed,
and ask if the Government has given me a teaching jod and paying me a big salary. I just tell them the truth, I am doing what is on my heart, teaching others about God through the Courses, and I am blessed.


Paul Opuko, Chepchoina, Kenya

Covenant Training Centre – Chepchoina – Mount Elgon, Kenya

The Covenant Disciples Bible Courses have not only been a blessing to us a pastors and leaders in the local churches, bringing unity amongst the people in the churches, but it has also brought unity and fellowship between churches and denominations. Pastors from every denomination and faith, Catholic, Assemblies of God, Evangelical, AIC Kenya, Baptist, etc… are studying together, fellowshipping together and starting to live what they have learnt amongst each other, and with the result that their congregations are doing the same.

Praise God, I never thought I would see that happen, but through the Covenant Courses we are learning to live in covenant!


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