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Kidsworld Street Kids Centres

Caring for Street Kids & Orphans

Since 2004 when we started in an abandoned house, Kidsworld has touched
the lives of hundreds upon hundreds of Street kids and oprhans all over
East and Central Africa.
Housing – Feeding – Clothing & Schooling – Giving them a hope and a future.


Life Skills Training Centres

Training the youth in Practical Life Skills

Bringing life skills training to the underprivileged, the un-schooled youth
and also to un-married or rejected young mothers without any livelihood.

Sewing and Dressmaking – Cooking – Manual & Mechanical Skills – Agriculture etc.



Creative Containers

Creative thinking, training in the application of information

In most all schooling environments, and in particularly in Africa, schooling is about
learning and regurgitating information, instead of the application of information.
Our vision is to revolutionize the schooling process by introducing creativity, and very
specifically creative application of information and skills.



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