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Free Bible Courses | Free Resources | Leadership Courses | Street Children | Orphans | Relationship

Bible Courses & Printable Bible Studies

The free Interactive Bible Courses, Lessons, Resources and Teachings, have been developed to establish you in the Word
of God through practical, Word based teachings & real life illustrations. The specific aim of these Bible Study Lessons is to:
  • lead you into a personal love relationship in covenant
    with God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit
  • Equip and establish you in ministry
  • Equip you to teach and establish others in God's Word.

The free Online Bible Course is very flexible Online Interactive Bible Course & Printable Bible Study with many additional Free online Resources & Teachings.

Make the decision today to become established in God's Word, in covenant with Him, & equipped to impact the lives of others!

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Bible Study Lessons Outline

CovenantNET brings you a true Internet first! A fully interactive Online Bible Course. A course that is open to everyone and is structured to benefit everyone who wants to live a victorious life, from those taking their first steps in Christianity to the mature Christian who is looking for in-depth teachings.

How does it work?
This is an interactive Web browser-based printable Bible Course.
Signup or Login, read or print out the lesson and Quiz preview, once you are ready,
login again or proceed to complete the quiz, then continue to the next lesson.

Each lesson or unit is divided into two sections:

  1. Teaching - A Bible-based teaching with online Bible references and links.
  2. Quiz - A short Quiz, structured in such a way to help you remember the concepts discussed in the Bible study lesson.
What about online time?
The course is designed for easy use, for both those who can spend lots of time online and those who have limited time online and would prefer it as a printable Bible Course.
    The Teachings (Bible study lessons) can be read online or printed out (for personal reading offline).
    The Quiz questions can be previewed online before proceeding with answering the questions.
We know that you will be blessed by the course. To signup, simply click here!

God Bless!
The Alpha & Omega Team

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