Fight the good fight

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                                                            … of faith!         For whatever is born of God overcomes the world.       And this is the victory that has overcome the world—our faith.       1 John 5:4 Having made Jesus your Lord, … enables you to be an overcomer. However, something more is needed, … for you to be that overcomer and […]

No doubt

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                                                      … in your heart!         So Jesus answered and said to them, ‘Have faith in God.       For assuredly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain,       ‘Be removed and be cast into the sea,’       and does not doubt in his heart,       but believes that those things he says will […]

You are free

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                                                        … to sin or not!   God has no problem with sin, … because He has already dealt with it through Jesus. We however have a problem with sin, … until we deal with it in our own lives.       You will never be free from sin,       … until you realise that you are […]

Where is your faith

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                                                             … lost in fear?   Have you noticed how strangely negative our thinking can be? Take the example of Jesus’ disciples. (Mark 4:37-41)       Whilst Jesus and His disciple were crossing the lake,       … and Jesus had fallen asleep, a mighty storm arose.       What happened, the disciples became anxious and afraid,       … […]


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                                                                    … in Him!   If you know your authority, … you have authority, not because the Bible says so, … but because it is real to you. Quoting scriptures, shouting at the devil, being boisterous … won’t give you authority,       And the evil spirit answered and said,       ‘Jesus I know, and Paul I […]

I have come…

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                                             that you may have life!         I have come that they may have life,       John 10:10 What does ‘that you may have life’ mean? What is life?       If you are saying to someone who is breathing,       … ‘I am here so you can have life’       that LIFE is not referring […]

Faith works

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                                                        … always?   Faith works … but does it always? The Bible tells us that,       … faith is the substance of things hoped for – Heb. 11:1       … without faith it is impossible to please God – Heb. 11:6 So obviously faith does work, Yet the Apostle James wrote       Thus also faith […]


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                                           …not just information!   Knowledge … a word everyone knows and uses, yet few seem to know the true or real meaning of ‘knowledge’?       An archaic, but the most descriptively correct definition is       … ‘sexual intimacy’       In other words, meaning to … intimately KNOW (something),       … is the closest to what […]

Change …

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                                                     the way you think!   If you change your way of thinking … you change your way of acting, that is what repenting is all about.       When you change what you are thinking and believing       … you take responsibility for your life. If you dare believe (that Jesus came so that you may […]

Move that Mountain

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                                               … with your faith!   Do you have challenges in your life? Are there some mountains in your path? We all do. But how do you believe and not doubt … that that mountain will move?       If what you want is based on God’s Word,       … and you have made Him your source, […]