Binding God’s hands

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                                Is God not willing …                              or are His hands bound?   We easily complain that things are just not happening, … things that we have taken to God, … prayed about and asked God to sort out, yet, nothing seems to be happening!       Why not?       Is God not able or not […]

Change – by your efforts

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        That change is necessary is beyond argument,       however, what makes change sure and permanent? Of course we want things to be better in our lives, … and generally we are the ones who need to change. Yet, in most cases we rely on our own efforts and strength, … the same efforts […]

Do it because …

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        Don’t do or act on something,       … because you heard it said,       … because you heard it preached,       … because you have read it,       or because you have confessed it! There is no actual authority or power in doing that, … and there will also be no results because […]

God’s Heart – Man’s Part

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        What is God’s heart       and man’s part in       … Creation and Life? When we read about creation, we mostly tend to look at what God did & prepared in creation, … what God prepared for us, for mankind, … as well as our place in creation! That is not necessarily wrong, […]

Faith is not …

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  Faith is not about confessing God’s Word, … when you have a need or a problem, or to ask God to do something He promised.       Faith is about stepping out on what God has already done,       … stepping out on His word that is real to you,       His word that you […]