Claiming His Promises

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                               … or living His Promises!   Ever wondered why God’s promises often seem so elusive? Quite simply, … because we have not truly understood God, … because we have not understood God’s heart! God does not want us to claim His promises, … but God wants to live those promises with us!       I […]

He does not change

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  How do you define what is right and what is wrong?       Is there an absolute standard of good?       How do you reconcile Old Testament teachings       … with the love Jesus taught?       Does God change and are His commandments negotiable? God’s standard is absolutely clear …       “For I am the […]

Hear Him…

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      Why do we so often seem to see or want to see     … a difference between Jesus and the Father?     Do we really think that they are different,     … that they deal differently with different situations? Jesus is not our Advocate because of our needs, … but because of what […]

Knowing the real you.

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      God knows your problems,     … but does He know you? Jesus personally came and gave Himself for us, … we therefore can say ‘Jesus is my personal saviour’ However, have you given yourself ‘personally’ to Him?     When once the Master of the house has risen up and shut the door,     […]

The Interview …

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  God does not want to have an interview with us, … an impersonal chat about His promises, … or about our problems, needs or wants. Neither does God want to pry into our lives, … or pressurize us by telling us what He wants! NO! … a thousand times NO!, So, how does God […]