Blessed of God

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        Do you want God to bless what you are doing,       … or what you are plannng to do? It is easy to take a scripture, … and then ask God to bless what you are doing, particularly a well known scripture such as,       Go into all the world and preach the […]

Bothering God?

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        Are you bothering God with your ‘prayers’?       Is it possible to ‘bother’ God with our prayers? God is full of compassion and doesn’t get bothered, however that does not mean that we can’t displease Him, … by asking Him to do things He’s not about to do, … by asking Him for […]

Answer to prayer

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      Our special place of dominion!     God’s special place of Lordship! When God created man He gave man dominion on earth. a position that man has often seen as a place of authority and rule, however, as special as that position is, … it is not a position of rule but a position […]

Yes, He will…

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When we talk about faith, Abraham comes to mind …     For what does the Scripture say?     “Abraham believed God,     and it was accounted to him for righteousness.”     Rom 4:3 So also the Book of Hebrews …     But without faith it is impossible to please Him,     for he who comes […]

Receiving salvation

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Salvation is not an issue, … Jesus already made the way! All you need do, … is to accept that Jesus is Lord! (as savior) Remember the thief that was crucified at the same time as Jesus       But the other, answering, rebuked him, saying,       “Do you not even fear […]