Conformed or Transformed?

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You cannot transform something you are conformed to, you have to be transformed … to be conformed to something else! In other words, you will always have the same results, whilst your thinking remains based on the same thoughts!      In order to have different results,      … you need to change what you are thinking about! […]

Follow Instructions…

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  Do you want to be victorious, and live the life Jesus spoke about? Then simply follow instructions…     And these signs will follow those who believe:     In My name they will cast out demons;     they will speak with new tongues;     they will take up serpents; and if they drink anything deadly, […]

Standing together …

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People easily STAND TOGETHER against things! … they stand together against violence, … they stand together against oppression, … they stand together to change a government, and mostly they are successful! However … People seldom, very seldom STAND TOGETHER for things! Yes, they stood together and achieved some change. Yes, they stood together and got […]