Celebrating Communion …

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Man made a sad decision in the Garden of Eden, … when he distanced himself from God, because of SELF! God made a grace decision when He gave us Jesus, … to make it possible for man to return to Him, Man now has to make the decision to accept, receive … and confirm what […]

His presence …

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Our encounters with God are generally in prayer, … when we enter into His presence, … when we express our thoughts, our needs and wants, and where we are the object or center of that time with Him.      Of course God hears us and responds to our prayers,      … and of […]

Taking responsibility

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God decided to make a being in His image, … a being created in His likeness, … who would look after creation, … who would take responsibility for creation,       Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image,       according to Our likeness; let them have dominion …   […]

Standing together …

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People easily STAND TOGETHER against things! … they stand together against violence, … they stand together against oppression, … they stand together to change a government, and mostly they are successful! However … People seldom, very seldom STAND TOGETHER for things! Yes, they stood together and achieved some change. Yes, they stood together and got […]