His Provision

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His supply is according to His heart!       We so often go to God,       … telling Him what we need or lack,       asking Him to meet that need,       … or to supply what we lack. However, God’s supply is not according to our need, … but God’s supply is always according to […]

If the first is blessed…

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    If the first is blessed … the rest is blessed     God is a God of increase,     He wants to increase us, and He wants us to increase,     and the very first thing God did was to decree a blessing on us,     … saying to us,     Be fruitful … Increase! […]

By your works?

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        Why you do what you do,       … determines your position before God! Whilst we were outside of God’s kingdom, … we did stupid things, even bad things, yet that did not stop God from reaching out to us!     Now, having decided to sort our lives out,     … how do we […]

Understanding God

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God is greater than my logic, beyond my intellect!     Is it possible to truly serve a God,     … Who is greater than my logic,     … and Who is above my intellect? Yes it is because I have His mind*, and therefore He can help me understand Him, … so that I can […]