Living by Law or Grace

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  Do you feel convicted, even condemned … that you should have said something … that you missed an opportunity to speak into someone’s life? Sure, we often do, but should we?       One of the last things that Jesus said,       before He returned to the Father was,       … Go and make disciples […]

Is God Omnipresent?

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      Scripture tells us that God is omnipresent.       However, His presence in our lives       … is dependent on us, and not on Him. The air that we need to live is also everywhere, … but it is up to us to breathe! And, the quality of the air that we breathe, … is […]

It’s not about the bullets…

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      No, it’s not about the bullets,       … it’s about the shield! There is not too much you can do … about things that come against you, … about people who oppose you or oppose what you do, nor about the thoughts or pressures that come your way! Yet the Bible tells us there […]