In His Rest…

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                                      … and in His plan!   Where does God’s rest come from, … and why does God want us to enter it?       Then God saw everything that He had made,       and indeed it was very good.       Then God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it,       because in it He rested from […]

In the Presence…

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                                                     … of fear?   Fear is probably mankind’s worst fear! So, what do we really know about this enemy? What is the root of fear? Well let’s go back to where it all began, … in a beautiful, tranquil garden, where one of mankind’s first emotions was recorded.       Mankind did something … they decided […]

There’s always a Cost

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                                                 … to everything!   There is always a cost … to everything!       We have many wants and desires,       … and we’re very quick to ask,       but most often without considering       … that there is a cost to everything,       regardless of who is doing the paying. What are you asking of […]

The Image of Love

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                                                … is what we are!         So God created man in His own image;       in the image of God He created him;       male and female He created them.       Genesis 1:27 God created us in His OWN image, … with His characteristics and in His likeness. But what is that IMAGE that […]