Where is your faith

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                                                             … lost in fear?   Have you noticed how strangely negative our thinking can be? Take the example of Jesus’ disciples. (Mark 4:37-41)       Whilst Jesus and His disciple were crossing the lake,       … and Jesus had fallen asleep, a mighty storm arose.       What happened, the disciples became anxious and afraid,       … […]


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                                                                    … in Him!   If you know your authority, … you have authority, not because the Bible says so, … but because it is real to you. Quoting scriptures, shouting at the devil, being boisterous … won’t give you authority,       And the evil spirit answered and said,       ‘Jesus I know, and Paul I […]

I have come…

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                                             that you may have life!         I have come that they may have life,       John 10:10 What does ‘that you may have life’ mean? What is life?       If you are saying to someone who is breathing,       … ‘I am here so you can have life’       that LIFE is not referring […]

Faith works

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                                                        … always?   Faith works … but does it always? The Bible tells us that,       … faith is the substance of things hoped for – Heb. 11:1       … without faith it is impossible to please God – Heb. 11:6 So obviously faith does work, Yet the Apostle James wrote       Thus also faith […]