Acting on thoughts …

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      Just taking a thought captive
      … does NOT work
      you have to act!

If you are anything like me, your mind is always active,
… and that is not only normal, but good!
However you should never allow thoughts to control you,
… but YOU should be in control of what occupies your mind!

The Bible gives us good advice, telling us to …

      bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ,
      2 Cor 10:5

However, somehow that does not seem to work too well!
Why not?

      Just taking a thought captive,
      … without also acting on or against that thought,
      … does not work!
      And therefore that thought returns again and again,
      … until you have acted in accordance with a decision!

When you take a thought captive, in other words,
… when you don’t let it dictate your actions,
is only the start of what you need to do in dealing with a thought.
You NEED to take a decision and ACT on that decision,
… before the thought is properly dealt with.

Now you can say ‘but I have put it under the obedience of Christ’!
OK … so what did He say about that thought?
What did Jesus tell YOU to DO?

      Just saying it is in Christ’s hands, is a copout!
      … YOU are the one who must use your free will,
      … YOU have to hear Christ for His answer regarding that thought,
      YOU are the one who MUST act on Christ’s decision or instruction!

Only once you have acted on or against that thought,
… will you know what to do when the thought returns,
for then it will be easy to ignore a wrong thought,
… or act on the thought because you know what to do!