Do it because …

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      Don’t do or act on something,
      … because you heard it said,
      … because you heard it preached,
      … because you have read it,
      or because you have confessed it!

There is no actual authority or power in doing that,
… and there will also be no results because of that,
unless you try to make it happen yourself!

      DO IT … because YOU know!

Because you know WHAT?
… Because you know there is real power behind it!
How will you know there is real power behind it?
… Because you KNOW God, the One who has the power!
And that He wants to use His power on your behalf!

      Not because you know of Him,
      Not because you need Him!

      But because you KNOW
      … that God said He would do it!
      and because you KNOW that
      … God has in fact already done it!
      and that He has done it for you!

God’s Word is living and powerful (Heb.4:12)
… and releases authority and power in your life,
when He speaks it to you. (Isa.55:11)

      So, do what He tells you to do!
      Confess your authority, according to His Word,
      … not according to your need!
      Confess what He shows you,
      … and you will have what He said!

      If you abide in Me and My words abide in you,
      you will ask whatever you desire and it will be done for you.
      John 15:7