Bothering God?

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      Are you bothering God with your ‘prayers’?
      Is it possible to ‘bother’ God with our prayers?

God is full of compassion and doesn’t get bothered,
however that does not mean that we can’t displease Him,
… by asking Him to do things He’s not about to do,
… by asking Him for things that we should be doing,
and by not inquiring of Him about His plans for our lives!

      We are quick to say that God is God and Jesus is Lord,
      yet when we pray we ask God to do things He has already done,
      … instead of making Him Lord of whatever problem or need there is!

Let’s look at a very simple example – let’s go fishing,
Of course you should pray, but what should you pray?
Should you tell God that you have faith in Him, and in His promises,
… that according to His Word He said He will bless you,
… that He will bless the works of your hands (Dt. 28:8)
and in faith ask Him to fill your net with a multitude of fish! Amen!

      But guess what, like the disciples in John 21,
      … you will probably fish all night and catch nothing!
      Because you asked God to do something He never said He would do,
      … and furthermore, you never made Him Lord of your project!

What will make God truly Lord in what you are asking or doing?
Quite simply ask Him to do what you can’t do yourself,
… and ask Him to tell you what you don’t know!

      God is not about to fish for you,
      but will do what you can’t do and tell you what you don’t know!
      He will tell you where to throw your net, where the fish is,
      Just like Jesus did in John 21:6 … ‘on the right side!’

Stop bothering God with what you should know and do yourself.
Ask Him what you don’t know,
… where you should go, what you should do,
so He can be truly LORD in your life!