Binding God’s hands

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                                Is God not willing …
                             or are His hands bound?

We easily complain that things are just not happening,
… things that we have taken to God,
… prayed about and asked God to sort out,
yet, nothing seems to be happening!

      Why not?
      Is God not able or not willing?

Take Abraham as an example …
God told Abraham He would make him the father of many nations,
… that he and Sara would have a son.
Abraham did his best to have God’s promise manifest,
… yet 25 years passed and nothing happened!
Why not?
Because instead of letting God do what He promised,
Abraham and Sara tried to make God’s promise work in their own strength.

      And therefore only when Abraham and Sara
      … could no longer do anything in their own strength, (Rom.4:19)
      only then God could take over,
      … and do what He promised 25 years before.

Whatever you take in your hands,
… God will not interfere with,
… because He respects your free will.
But whatever you put in God’s hands,
… God can and will take over and do what He promised.

      God is able and God is willing,
      … and He will do all that He promised,
      if you are willing to put your trust in Him
      … and let Him do it His way!

           (John 15:7 – Mark 16:20)